Maze Baller v0.1.2 Devlog Update

Hello and welcome to this Maze Baller v0.1.2 devlog!

This month I have been working a lot on mechanics and this is a list of all the features I have added:

  • Red (Death) Walls - v0.1.2
  • Level Sorting - v0.1.4
  • Music - v0.1.6
  • FPS Updates - v0.1.7
  • Fixed Level Changing - v0.1.8
  • Light Updates - v0.1.9
  • Exit/Quit Button - v0.1.2

So those were the updates I have made so far in this build/ version of the game! I hope you like them! If you do, then give the game a like and enjoy! If you have any suggestions, or ideas, leave them in the comments bellow the game! Thanks you again! I'll see you later, in another development update!


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42 days ago

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